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    May 15, 2013
    10:00 - 11:01pm PDT  

we will continue with greta van susteren and "on the record." greta, take it away. >> this is a fox news alert. and these are the benghazi emails. we have -- more than 100 email, released by the white house. you are going to see them for yourself. why is the white house releasing them now? karl rove has an idea. he's going to tell you. and also breaking, did president obama make a scapegoat at the irs, accused of unfairly targeting conservative groups. he's headed out the door. but was he thrown under the bus? but first, mike emanuel. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner sent a message that he was looking for more than just somebody to resign from the irs. boehner said this question: who's going to jail over this scandal? republican leaders clearly think
this is much bigger than acting commissioner steven miller. though he is on his way out, the house ways & means committee says the hearing for friday morning will still go on and miller will be there. darrell issa sent a letter to miller late today, requesting transcribed interviews with five irs employerees, named in the inspector general's report. they won't be under oath. but it is a crime to lie to congress. it is clear that key lawmakers don't believe the irs cincinnatia office was acting on its own against conservative and religious groups seeking tax-exempt status. >> we are learning more and more from the just-released benghazi emails. james rosen is here. james? >> reporter: good evening. most of the 94 pages of emails that were released late tonight were typed and sent from the white house, state department and cia officials on friday, september 14, two days before u.n. ambassador susan rice
delivered the false talking points. the emails reveal that white house officials, like john brennan, director of cia, made at least one substantive change on friday, a fact that contradicts the claim by jay carney that the white house's only transaction to the 12 drafts of the talking points was the minor tweaking of consulate to diplomatic facility late in the process. the fbi was still maintaining that al qaeda was involved in the benghazi attacks even after the cia had stricken all references to that terror group from the talking points. >> why were the emails classified? there is nothing particularly earth shaking. when things are classified that i am suspicious maybe shouldn't be classified, it never sends a very good signal to me. >> reporter: i think that will be the conclusion of those who studied benghazi carefully and followed this story all along that the contents are not helpful to the white house and the narrative it has tried on many months to assert about
benghazi. i don't think the emails help them -- >> that's not a reason to classify it. that's not what you classify things that you think make you look bad. >> reporter: not all of it was classified. i asked the administration, who with the authority to declassify documents declassified these? was it the president himself? and the answer i got back from a senior intelligence official is that where necessary, cia did the necessary declassification of the documents. i think the white house's belt in releasing them tonight when they did was that -- that the contents of these documents might be obscured somewhat by the bigger news of the resignation of the irs director. >> have they certified that this is the complete complement of emails. or is there likely to be a gap here? are we getting the full set of emails. >> reporter: you are getting the full set of this set. but victoria newland makes reference of how her building's leadership is now consulting directly with the national security staff. those consultations -- we don't
know who the members were. we don't know what the outcome was. and for those consultations, we have no documents at all. are there other sets? quite possibly. >> you were reporting i think it was bret baier, you talked about how -- that jay carney had referred to to it as a stylistic change. now we discover it's profoundly more than that. was he kept out of the loop? is that the only thing they told jay carney? er was he trying to be cagey? >> reporter: i know jay carney for many years. we traveled together as white house correspondents. i like and respect jay carney. but there are a number of statements he has made from september 11 onward that are highly problematic for him now. the stylistic change is just one of them. we see there were other changes that white house officials were making beyond the one change that he points to. he stated from the white house podium in september of last year
that of all the initial evidence they had, there was no evidence -- no evidence that pointed to this being a premeditated or pre-planned terror attack. in fact, we now see that the cia, from the earliest drafts of the talking points was saying we do know that islamic extremists tied to al qaeda were tie to the attack. that's not no evidence. late into the process, even aft stricken from the talking points, the fbi was still saying they believed that al qaeda was involved in these attacks. that's another of jay carney's statements that has to go by the boards at this point. >> the irs scandal is exploding. president obama addressing the nation, insisting he will not tolerate the irs's maser. >> americans are right to be angry about it. and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but especially in the irs, given the power that it has and the reach that it has in all of our lives.
>> president also announcing the resignation of the acting irs commissioner. but did the president make him a scapegoat? karl rove joins us. >> hey, greta. how are you? >> very well. so, cacialtion the news that the acting commissioner has resigned and one of my colleagues here at fox news, bret baier, has sent an email and says that the acting commissioner was set to resign the position of acting commissioner as of early june. and he leaves the irs entirely a couple of months later, regardless of the current controversy. he got that from an official close to theacking commissioner. >> right. >> of course, he came to the job in november. was he a sacrificial lamb or what? >> actually, in the irs -- in federal law, you can only be an acting director so long. so he was coming to the end of the term that he could be the acting director. they needed to make him the actual director or replace him with somebody else. in june, he was out one way or
another. i thought it was interesting today, he said that he looked forward to an orderly transition. the president didn't tell him to pack up and get the heck out by the close of business. he will remain there until they name an acting replacement. greta, i can't -- that statement tonight by the president was a faux anger. first of all, remember on friday and earlier today, on friday, president and earlier today, jay carney both said if this happened at the irs, we would be upset. the irs admitted last friday that they did this. it wasn't a question of confirming it, they admitted it last friday. the president knew that the outcry was rising. so he went out tonight and said he would fire the acting director -- and oh, two other things. he would have the irs would implement the i.g. recommendation, the inspector general report -- oh, really? huto do that anything. he promised to cooperate with congress in an investigation into the matter. mr. president, you had no choice. you were going to have to cough
up your treasury secretary and key officials of the irs to testify before congress. so this was a nothing-burger. it was all about punishment r., trying to get ahead of a story he had been way behind on. i hold him responsible. in my column tomorrow, let's remember, senator baucus sends a letter in september of 2010 saying to the irs, it investigates these groups. by early 2012, chuck schumer of new york gets six other democratic senators to join him. he pressures congressman pete welsh of vermont to get a similar house letter, all saying you better do something. the president said that 501c 4 groups of the enemy of democracy. so there are more than
lower-level groups responsible. >> i am sympathet toikt acting director. he came to the job in november and the president says he's out, as though he is stepping up to the plate and we are really catching the bad guy and throwing him out. you know, when in fact, in six months, he was going to leave because his term was ending and he's not out the door anyway. >> miller knows about this early and apparently did not tell shulman, or if he did, the previous director, the nominated and confirmed director of the irs -- if he did tell him, shulman lied to congress under oath. so miller, we now know, knew about this before this became public and did not alert his superiors or raise a warning flag to his ultimate bosses inside the treasury department. >> where does this go? what's going to happen? is this an issue that was consuming us for a couple of days and going to go away?
sore is this sticking around for quite sometime and get more explosive? >> i think it's going to stick around for time. the question is, does it stick around for a while or a long while? i think that depends on how forthcoming the administration is. i think we have a lot to find here. how much pressure was brought to bear -- remember, the senate finance committee chairman is the oversight of the treasury department and ultimately the irs. their budget depends on the good sufferance. chuck schumer is on the finance committee. you get a rambunctuous democrat, rounding up six other members of the senate to send a letter -- if you are an irs bureaucrat, you want to be on the good side of the chairman and his likely is successor. this i think goes beyond just low-level bureaucrats in cincinnati. we know that there were bureaucrats in washington who sent out the letters. we know there were bureaucrats in california. this smacks of a greater effort
inside the irs to punish conservative groups. i have to admit, full disclosure, american crossroads gps is one of the 501 c4 groups is sitting with an application before the irs. but we have more to find out here. and the question is how forthcoming are people going to be will determine how long this lasts. permanent damage has been done to the irs. >> karl, we will ask you about the breaking news on benghazi. the white house releasing more than 100 pages of emails. first of all, any idea why it took so long? why -- you know, what was the administration trying to keep from us? why was this classifyd? >> i don't know why they took so long. i think they thought if they continued to say nothing that this would go away. vithree observations about this. first, i am amazed how many people in this email thing are communications people. have you at least seven of them. the head of office of public affairs at the cia, victoria
nuland at the state department. ben rhodes at the national security council. shawn turner in the office of the director of national intelience. and aaron pelton -- the u.s./u.n. office. we have a bunch of communications people. why are coze -- why are all of these communications people setting out the definitions of what happened in benghazi? it strikes me they ought to be smaller players and there ought to be bigger players. the second thing that strikes me is victoria nuland is driving than -- the antagonism toward the cia. she says at 9:24 friday night. these don't resolve all my issues or those of my building leadership. they are consulting with nss. some unnamed boss of hers is consulting with the nss, which is the national security staff, meaning the white house. the question is, who above
victoria nuland was talking to who at the white house about these talking points? there is also reference in here to a secure video conference with the cia, state and white house and fbi, talking about the talking points and the opposition of the state department to the talking points and it says that mike morel, the deputy director of the cia will sit down with ben rose of the national security council and his deputy to work out the talking points, which make its sound like the white house is the ultimate shot caller on the talking points. but the final and most interesting -- i'm sorry. >> go ahead. >> go ahead. the final and most interesting point to me, the question we have never gotten answered is: who is responsible for cooking up the story that the -- that the anti-muslim video is what cause the -- caused this? we may have a clue. on saturday afternoon and evening, there are a series of exchanges between an unmaimed person at the u.s./ u.n.
mission. maybe aaron pelton and tommy betour and ben rose, going back and forth about the preparation for susan rice for the sunday morning talk programs. now, we do know that victoria nuland has told the press, i had nothing to do with prepping susan rice. jacob sullivan, who has been at the state senate department and is joe biden's policy director, he too says i had nothing to do with preparing rice. we have pelton in communication with the white house saying, you know, we need to get finalize what we are going to say tomorrow morning. who was responsible for cooking up this story and maybe aaron pelton, ben rhoads and tommy vitour our somebody else at the u.s./u.n. mission ought to step forward and answer whether or not it was them that cooked up this story. >> vitwo things. one, i think that victoria nuland is an interesting study
in this. she wanted at one point, on the night of the 14th, friday, she sent an email and set the line about the extremists about the demonstrators will come back to us at the podium. how do we know who they are? she was worried about that. and she has been -- she has been a republican administration employee, a democratic administration employee and she is a very strong advocate. and her name is all over t. but the overriding question i have is -- why didn't everyone just tell the truth? what's wrong with admitting it was terrorists? we need to know if we are -- if there is a risk out there. i don't like all of this scurrying around. all of this hiding of the emails, classifying the dog and pony. we have jay carney who, i don't know how he faces the white house press corps now, saying that ridiculous stylistic thing. how is supposed to have credibility on behalf of the president? for one simple reason -- they
didn't want to tell us the truth from the get-g. no one got rich off this. >> no real reason. they had political reasons. the head of the office of congressional liaison at state has participated participated id says, we can't tell members of congress about the warnings about all of these previous incidences, that will haunt us. they are clearly involved in c.y.a. victoria nuland is operating on behalf of, quote, her building. she said they aren't happy and they near touch with the national security staff. who was at the state department that was unhappy? sheryl mills, the chief of staff to secretary clinton? secretary clinton? who were they talking to at the white house? were they talking to donalyn. the chief of staff? who were they talking to? frankly, i am a little bit, you know, it gives me comfort that
adults were trying to resolve this, not all of these press types, running around. and was it pelton at u.s./u.n. who briefed susan rice? did pelton come up with the lie about the video? were they in conservation, whoever it was with rhoads and vitour. was it them or their bosses? did they tell the staffer, here's what susan rice needs to say. this is the biggest lie. we had it told over and over again by a wide variety of people who is responsible for propagating it? and the american people deserve to know. >> let me add one thing, when it's a matter of life and death, i think we ought to be honest. in all the political games that are played, when it comes down to life and death and terrorism that could strike any one of us at any time, they should have told the truth. i hope we do get to the bottom and find out who did what and who didn't do what. thank you. >> you bet. >> what do you think, viewers?
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>> greta: a fox news alert, president obama announcing the resignation of irs acting commissioner steven miller, but is that enough for speaker of the house john boehner? >> my question isn't about who's going to resign. my question is who's going to jail over the scandal? >> greta: and tea party caucus chair michelle baucus causing this a stunning abuse of power. is one resignation enough? good to see you. >> nice to see you, greta.
>> greta: he was at the end of his term in a month, the president making an announcement that he'd resigned a month earlier. >> a perfect scapegoat. he was exiting the stage anyway. might as well make it look like he were chopping his head off. we've been lied to at every single turn on every scandal, and they're coming together in a major train wreck. it's catching up with him. that's the thing about being a liar, you have to be a good memory, and it's catching up with this president. >> greta: the guy was automatically out in a month. >> that's why it's so insulting, they think so little of our intelligence, we're not going to find these things out, they won't be held accountable. the media hasn't held them accountable for anything for four years. i think they felt they were invincible. now that you have the department
of probe of the ap journalist wires. i mean, when you have phone tabs of reporters now maybe the tables are turned. >> greta: actually i don't think phones are tapped. i didn't think they have phone records, that will sort out, which is slightly different. a press conference tomorrow by the tea party. >> yes. this is a major press conference where all of the major tea party organizations across the united states are coming together, having a big press conference at the capitol. joining us mitch mcconnell, members of the house of representative. members of the tea party are livid. they want to react, tell their story publicly. now the american people can hear them tomorrow morning. real people with real stories, people targeted by the irs, and american center for law and justice will be there as well. they're talking about a lawsuit if people aren't granted status by friday. >> greta: you come here as a
multipurpose guest, because you're also a tax lawyer. >> because i like you, that's why. >> greta: i'm curious, with the irs doing this, what is it sort of the usual time period for people to get tax exempt status. i know they got the run around. if you apply for tax exempt status, when should you hear back? >> within a reasonable amount of time. certainly not two years. doesn't take the irs that long to do it. i knew it was a phony story last friday when the story came out. when i was a former federal tax lawyer, did this work, we had strict jurisdictional limits within the irs, because we're handling people's tax data. it should be. we can't act without that zone. we have strict standard operating procedure. we check a lot of boxes. our supervisors up the food chain check everything. it's impossible for someone to go rogue. impossible. >> greta: so you don't think it's a couple people in cincinnati, just deciding to be nasty to some tea party people?
>> oh, no. we know it wasn't. there were letters that came out of washington, d.c., letters came out of california. this stinks to high heaven. it's not over today. the white house tried to make this end today by this big show-and-tell about the irs commissioner leaving. all this was was damage control 101. this is a very big story, because, remember, it's not just tea party, not just conservatives. christians like franklin graham said they were targeted. >> greta: and billy graham. >> billy graham. pro-israel people. this had to do with our beliefs, political and religious beliefs. >> greta: is it a conspiracy or a -- >> there's conclusions we don't have answers to yet. we know that the head of the tax exempt had given donations, $2,000 in donations, to president obama. the overwhelming number of
donations went to president obama from people that were within the irs. i think even more importantly, the suspicion is that this really came from the white house, the political director. we don't know that. that's what we have to find out. >> greta: tonight is there any sort of hard-core evidence, you know, even good circumstantial evidence? >> well, that's what we're about to find out, why we need to ask questions, need access to witnesses and emails. all of this needs to come forward. this is not a one-day story. this is something that's very critical, because of what's going to happen tomorrow. tomorrow is the repeal of obamacare. that's my bill. the american people want this very unpopular bill repealed because the irs, greta, is the chief enforcer of obamacare. so now we find out these people are making decisions based on our politics and beliefs, and they're going to be in charge of our healthcare? there's a huge national database being created right now.
your healthcare, my healthcare, all the fox viewer healthcare, their personal, intimate, most close to the vest secrets will be in that database, and the irs in charge of that database? the irs will have the ability potentially, will they, to deny healthcare, to deny access, to delay healthcare? this is serious based upon our political beliefs? that's why we have to repeal obamacare. i still think it's possible. >> greta: always nice to see you. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, the emails show how involved the white house and state department were in changing the talking points. why the change of the talking points? trying to get it right or be cagey and slippery? congressman jason chaffetz is here to talk about that next. also more troubling news for the irs tonight. hear what this group is accusing the irs of
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>> this is a fox news alert in new york city. a powerful storm system spawning deadly tornados in the north texas town of granbury, 35 miles southwest of fort worth. the twisters, killing altleast 6 people, injuring dozens, some reports show helpeds. 14 people are still missing at this point. the severe weather also demolishing house, cutting out power for homes. rescue crews now going from house to house, searching for victims among the rubble. a tornado also hit the town of millsap, but so far no report of injuries. a tornado watch will remain in effect for more than 30 counties until early thursday morning. so if you are just joining us, once again, a powerful thunderstorm system, spawning deadly tornados in parts of texas, in the northern part of texas. one twister killing at least --
we are learning that there are 6 dead and critically injurying 16 others, some reports show hundreds of others in the town of grandbury. we have the cleburne mayor, a town close by, scott cane. tell us what you saw, what you felt, what it's like there right now? >> caller: sure. right now, we are still in a very fluid situation. we have a substantial amount of damage. we have reports that as many as 3 twisters that have touched down in the city of cleburne. our southwest portion of town is without power. we have power lines down. many, many homes demolished, rooftops off of houses. flooding. we have had reports of families that were trapped in homes. fortunately, we have had no reports of fatalities within the tea of cleburne or any serious injuries yet. but our first responders are going house to house right now
and setting up evacuation of areas that have been the hardest hit. >> reporter: i was reading that one mother couldn't find her child. he was working, a pizza delivery guy. she called the pizza company and they said, we are hunkered down in a hotel. we are all safe. i am reading that some families can't find their loved ones. many missing, so far, 14 unaccounted for. >> caller: yes. we have had a lot of family members that are worried about their loved ones. i had a very, very close friend that -- he and his wife and his -- her family were trapped under the ceiling had collapsed. was unable to get to them on my way to the emergency control center. but we did find out that they are okay and they are safe now. i have run across many of our citizens that have wanted to be out and help with rescue everies. but we have encouraged them to stay inside with the power lines
that are down. it's very dangerous and we have very skilled first responders that are working that situation. certainly, our hearts and -- are broken and our prayers and thoughts go out to our friends n granbury who were hit very hard as well. >> reporter: do you know about any of the fatalities? we are reporting this morning, the a.p.'s telling us 6 people are dead. are you familiar with any of those stories? >> >> caller: yes. they have had a substantial amount of damage in the -- in the pecan valley area, which comes into johnson county. we are working very closely with our johnson county officials, our emergency operation centers are working hand in hand with all the different governmental ebbettities -- entities to make sure that throughout north texas that we get help and aid to the areas -- that need that help. >> reporter: i was reading
that the hospitals are calling in extra staff and the schools are being used as shelters to house some of those families. what are you doing in your town in the town of cleburne? >> caller: you bet. we set up an emergency shelter at our convention center. we have a very large convention center facility. we have set up a shelter there. we have emergency triage areas, if necessary. so far, we haven't had to use those. y and and we have not had any serious injuries relate to the storm. but as we get into some of the affected neighborhoods, we anticipate, with the amount of damage we are seeing that there is that possibility that we may have some serious injuries. >> reporter: mayor cane, i know it's dark there. but have you talked to anyone who has driven around and seen the damage? we are looking at video of the tornado and it's very terrifying and frightening. >> caller: when i made my way in, once my family was safe and secure. my oldest son and i began to
make our way towards the emergency operating center. i drove through some of the neighborhoods and the damage is extremely severe. houses were completely demolished. rooftops off. it was like a war zone trying to drive and navigate through trees, downed power lines. telling people to go back into their homes, to wait for first responders. our police department was calling our off-duty police officers back on to duty, as well as our fire department, getting our first responders ready to go. our creeks were flooded. it -- it was something chaotic that i have never seen. >> reporter: mayor, thank you so much for being with us. it sounds like you have everything under control and are doing a good job. we appreciate that. stay with fox news. humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered
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today the prosecutor trying to show she murdered her ex-boyfriend in a cruel and heinous way. >> she made sure she killed him >> she made sure that we killed him by stabbing him over and over and over again and then finishing him off by slicing his throat. it is also sure that during this vicious attack mr. alexander suffered. mr. alexander suffered paib every time that knife went into his body. >> tomorrow, the penalty phase of the trial begins, after more witness testimony, the jury will decide whether arias should be executed or spend life in prison. if you were on that jury, would you vote life or death? go to and tell us now. we are back in 2. lets you hear d even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up.
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the acting irs commissioner is out and new safeguards will be put in, but that doesn't solve all the irs problems. one ohio man has a big problem with the irs. he found out his name was in an irs letter, a questionnaire, to a tea party group, a group he has no connection to. so is why or was the irs singling him? he joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> hi, greta, how are you? >> greta: very good. you're part of the cincinnati tea party group. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> greta: another tea party group with which you had no connection was seeking tax exempt status. is that right? >> that's correct. >> greta: so how did you learn your name got put in a questionnaire to them? >> well, when they received their irs letter, they being the liberty township tea party, one of their board members called to let me know they got their letter, which at the time was not a particular surprise, but also called to tell me question
number 26, the one that asks, describe your relationship with justin binnick thomas. >> greta: after you got that call -- i've got a copy of the questionnaire here, with that particular question, number 26, i read it with my own eyes -- what did you do? did you reach out to the irs? >> i did through my congresswoman. she reached out to the irs on my behalf. >> greta: and what did the irs say? >> nothing. they denied they asked about individuals within these groups despite having a copy of that letter included in the query. >> greta: did you say, quit lying to me, i'm reading number 26, i got the questionnaire, the goods on you, you're lying? >> we tried. typical red tape there. at that point i wasn't able to get any farther because apparently i didn't have
standing, because the letter wasn't addressed to me, despite having my name included within this question. >> greta: well, i have a copy of another letter, from lois g.lerner, the director of exempt organizations, dated may 14, 2012, to the congresswoman, who says the reason they are not going to tell you about is because of taxpayer privacy provisions. they think they're going to protect you and i guess the tea party group in liberty township by not telling you why your name showed up on their questionnaire, right? >> that's fascinating. absolutely right. >> greta: let me ask you something, why would the irs be interested in you? ever been a terrorist, been nasty about the irs, send them a threatening letter? why you? >> i've been asking myself that, greta, since it came through. you know, there's thousands of tea party leaders. there are many here in town. i don't know why i was so
interesting. you know, until the news broke again on friday, i would wager that most people didn't know who i was. >> greta: do you feel intimidated at all? does this bother you? >> well, certainly there's a degree of intimidation, but there's really more a degree of just general concern. i would like to know why i was on that letter. i would like to know what is done with that information they collect. does it result in an audit for me or my small business. does it get shared between various governments in the government. now that they're an enforcement body for healthcare, does that get put in my file per se? >> greta: i don't think based on this letter you'll get answers to that, because now they're hiding behind privacysy, justin. i wish you the best of luck. maybe they will come clean with you. thank you, justin. >> thanks for having me on.
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>> greta: the acting irs commissioner is outer, and president obama says new safeguards are on the way, but now more big the way. now a group called national organization for marriage accusing the irs of exposing private donor information. now, the group is planning to sue the irs. the chairman of the group joins us. what is the -- explain problems you have with the irs. >> well, last march a copy of our tax returns showed up on the wen site of one of our major political opponents. it was a pdf file we have to
make public certain of our tax returns but others are schedule b our list of donors and addresses. this showed up on the human rights campaign web site as a pdf file. our computer technicians were able to get rid of the redactions on the file. >>. >> greta: what makes you think this is a political gesture? it's your -- i take it your political opponent wtz human rights campaign? why would they are so gung ho to do this to you? >> well, we're political opponents they try to harass our donors but human rights campaign was headed by one of the people who had become the national co-chairman of the obama for president campaign. >> greta: who
is -- anyone -- was anyone as significant as a donor? >> yes. governor romney was one of them. and that is, of course, you know this is at a time when there was intense focus on the marriage issue as cross the country and efforts to intimidate our donors to prevent people from donating to our cause, we can weigh in a political battle but significantly this is a felony. it's been a felony since post water gate. remember, one of the articles impeachment brought prepared against president nixon was this kind of disclosed private tax returns. it was a misdemeanor back then, 1964 congress changed the law to make it a felony, punishable by $5,000 fine and up to five years in prison for every unlawful inspection of a private individual's tax returns. >> greta: well, we'll wait and see what happens on this, there is a lot of intense focus on the irs.
thank you, sir. >> thank you very much, greta. >> greta: coming up know no doubt bit. everyone is outraged. how can we get to the bottom of the irs scandal? jay leno has an idea you have [ man ] on december 17, 1903, the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪ and i've been around the toughest guys in football. and now i'm training guys who leak a little to guard their manhood. with man style protection... whoa... of new depend shields and guards. who are you? this is my house. perfect. come with me. built you a little man space under here.
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to say about the irs. your favorite department, right? favorite agency? wad back here tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. them. leftovers. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: transparency and the rule of law will be the touch stones of this presidency. >> wow. what happened to that? the obama administration is now stonewalling three separate controversies. and it is paying a terrible price. >> how does the president say with a straight face americans who trust their government? >> bill: tonight, we will report on all the controversies with bob beckel, kirsten powers, dennis miller, james rosen, and carl cameron. >> bill o'reilly wants to know how you think the country is doing right now. >> it's a longer discussion than a red carpet. bill buy the world stunned by actress angelina jolie underwent a double mastectomy. a close friend of ours did